Federico has a long history. Starting from our family tradition at 1939. We make beverage concoctions like coffe, healty tea, ginger drink and herbs. For the consumption of our extended family, friends, guests and business associates. Because most of our family are traders. There are many people come every day.

So we mix our own to maintain the quality. Make delicious and healty drinks to maintain our staminar every day.

In our business relations such as hotels, cafes and restaurants, Federico products have premium quality by maintaining cleanliness (Hygienes) and natural origin without no chemicals, without no damaging the surrounding environment.

Coffee Federico (100% Arabica & Robusta Coffee) can help reduce impaired brain, can help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, can help for protect the liver, prevent depression, can break down fat in the body and used to increase stamina in the body, improve mood, reduce the risk of stroke, Federico Coffee grounds can be use for face masks for normal skin types because it can remove dead skin cells, prevent premature aging and treat skin.

The Benefits of Federico Green Leaves and Jasmine Flower Tea are to help lose weight, protect immunity, relieve stress, reduce joint pain, reduce bacteria that cause bad breath, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, and tea dregs can be used as plant fertilizers.

The Benefits of Rosella flower Tea are overcoming infection and inflammation, Federico Rosella Flower have a fairly high vitamin C, reducing anxiety and depression, reducing blood lipid leves, reducing blood pressure, lose weight.

The Benefits of Federico Ginger Drink are overcoming digestive problems, reduce pain, help the detoxification process and prevent skin diseases, anti inflammatory.

The Benefits of herbs mix Ginger product are preventing colds, increasing endurance, maintaining lung health, reducing colds and flu, improving digestion, helping to nourish the kidneys, maintaining health skin, anti oxidants, improving blood circulation, increasing body metabolism, detoxification.


Our company always develops itself to be better and protects the surrounding environment. Our company will always develop quality products from our family’s traditional recipes that come from indonesia nature. In future we will develop natural product that will be launched into the international market. We want all people in the world to be able to enjoy our wide range of products. And maintain a healthy body with quality Federico Products.


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